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Tuesday Hospital Update

Things haven’t changed a ton today. Peyton is doing alright. They upped his feeding rate a little more than I would have liked last night when I was gone and in turn he vomited everywhere this morning, so we have turned that way down again and are working our way up very slowly. So far, so good. The doctor rounded this morning and said the fever is due to his lungs. They are having sit up a little more today and he has really started coughing a lot tonight which is good, they want air going in and out of those lungs to get things moving in there again. Another slight draw back is he is pretty swollen. They have put ice packs on him and we are turning him every 45 minutes to an hour to help keep things elevated and also prevent bed sores. He also has an elevated heart rate they are keeping an eye on, which could be due to body stress. His hemoglobin was also still a little low today, not horrible, but he didn’t get to finish his blood transfusion last night so they opted to give him IV fluids which is also probably giving him a little extra fluid. Tonight, he has been a little more alert than he has been since surgery, but he still has been pretty tired. He still has the epidural in for pain so he is comfortable. If he spikes a fever again like he did last night they will be removing it to prevent site infection. His fever got to 102 last night. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.He had a slight low grade temp this morning, but nothing huge. They are watching it very closely. I’m not posting a picture tonight, other than some swollen eyelids, he looks pretty much the same. Kind of sleepy. Mommy got a good night sleep last night at the Ronald McDonald House while Dad had hospital duty. Tonight, Daddy went home to be with the girsl and I am here with little Buck by myself. Dad will return I think on Thursday. He has to take care of stuff at home tomorrow. Again, thank you all for your continued prayers! We appreciate ALL of them! The doctor said this morning we MIGHT get to go home on Friday if there are no more fevers and if swelling goes down…but Daddy and I agreed we are not going to get too excited about that yet. It would be great to all be under one roof by Friday night, but thats best case scenerio. Realistically, it will probably be more like Sunday or Monday. I will post again tomorrow! 🙂 Have a great night all! Stay warm! BRRRR!!!!


Tonya Thiese - December 10, 2013 - 8:17 pm

Thanks for all the updates!! I hope everything stays good for him and you guys! We are thinking of you guys and pray he continues to get better and better!! Keep informing posting his progressions!

Caralyn - December 10, 2013 - 8:38 pm

Positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery for Peyton!

Sara Peterson - December 10, 2013 - 9:12 pm

We miss Peyton! All of us are thinking healing thoughts for him. We will see him soon!

The kids asked Lynnette if Peyton had a Hawk-I cast or not. The were happy to hear it is spiderman and really hoping to sign it.

The First Graders and Ms. Peterson

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