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A few of my thoughts….

I feel today of all days, compelled to share a blog post, on a day full of its own “cliche”, the day knownView full post »

Friday Hospital Update

What a difference 24 hours makes! Peyton is doing SOOO SOOO well! The catheter has come out today. We have FINALLY gotView full post »

Thursday Hospital Update

Hello everyone! It got to a balmy 21 degrees up here in Rochester today. No negative temps so it feels almost warmView full post »

Wednesday Hospital Update

Peyton had a very quiet day. He literally slept the ENTIRE day. Maybe because he was up the entire night throwing up.View full post »

Tuesday Hospital Update

Things haven’t changed a ton today. Peyton is doing alright. They upped his feeding rate a little more than IView full post »

Surgery Update

Hello! Frigid greetings from St. Marys in Rochester! Peyton had bilateral osteotomy surgery today, which is basicallyView full post »

Hospital Stay

So we are still up at St. Mary’s. Peyton is going to be getting his third and last infusion this afternoon. TheView full post »

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