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Wednesday Hospital Update

Peyton had a very quiet day. He literally slept the ENTIRE day. Maybe because he was up the entire night throwing up. Yes, the entire night, not one feeding stayed down. They switched it to a very slow continuous feed today and also started him on another anti-nausea medication (so now he is on two) to help keep his feeds down. Unfortunately, this makes him very tired. He woke up for the first time about 15 minutes ago and is watching Wreck It Ralph and talking to me. Still no pain, they haven’t taken the epidural out yet. His seizures are under control because of this so we are happy for that. The unrealistic dream that we get to go home on Friday was shattered this afternoon. The doctor said he needs to start keeping feeds down, we need to think about taking the epidural out maybe tomorrow, and see how seizures are with oral pain control. He said best case scenerio would be the weekend, realistically probably Monday. ๐Ÿ™ Peyton is so fragile. There are so many other things we have to take into consideration, they don’t want to rush him home to have him readmitted because he was not ready. So, here we sit. He’s coughing more which is a great thing, his lungs are working and moving air through them again. He spiked a slight fever again last night, but it didn’t get high enough that the doctors wanted to remove the epidural and it hasn’t been back since-thank goodness! His swelling is still pretty significant, we are packing him in ice packs. He swollen everywhere! Poor thing! They said the third day is always the worst and they aren’t kidding!! My scrawny, bony baby looks like a stuffed turkey. We had a visitor today, Our friend Kathy came up for kisses, hugs, and brought a spider man blanket to snuggle up to, magazines for mommy to read, and snacks. She also took me to the cafeteria for lunch and gave me a ride to the Ronald McDonald House so I could shower and change clothes because BRRR! Its cold out there! I was very suprised and happy to see her being I’m up here by myself today. Daddy is returning tomorrow to stay up here with me. Not a fun way to spend your 35th birthday,- guess we will have to celebrate when we are all under one roof so if you see Brian, wish him a happy birthday!

Thanks everyone for your continued love, support, prayers, and well wishes. To our family, thanks for being there and taking care of our girls and our home while we are here. Our friend, Guenna for taking care of Ally after school while we are away-I don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t lean on you! and My besties that have been texting me to make sure I still have my sanity, checking on Buck and putting a smile on my face when I need it most! You are ALL appreciated more than you know! Keep our Buck in your prayers! They work! I will post again tomorrow! God Bless!

A night of vomiting….

To Peyton’s friends in 1P: To answer the question-YES! You WILL get to sign his spider man cast! I promise!

Pretty swollen, but happy tonight!

Caralyn Bechler Meng - December 11, 2013 - 6:03 pm

He looks so snuggly with his blanket! Prayers that he will be keeping his feedings down and and feeling better soon! Happy Birthday, Brian!

Tuesday Hospital Update

Things haven’t changed a ton today. Peyton is doing alright. They upped his feeding rate a little more than I would have liked last night when I was gone and in turn he vomited everywhere this morning, so we have turned that way down again and are working our way up very slowly. So far, so good. The doctor rounded this morning and said the fever is due to his lungs. They are having sit up a little more today and he has really started coughing a lot tonight which is good, they want air going in and out of those lungs to get things moving in there again. Another slight draw back is he is pretty swollen. They have put ice packs on him and we are turning him every 45 minutes to an hour to help keep things elevated and also prevent bed sores. He also has an elevated heart rate they are keeping an eye on, which could be due to body stress. His hemoglobin was also still a little low today, not horrible, but he didn’t get to finish his blood transfusion last night so they opted to give him IV fluids which is also probably giving him a little extra fluid. Tonight, he has been a little more alert than he has been since surgery, but he still has been pretty tired. He still has the epidural in for pain so he is comfortable. If he spikes a fever again like he did last night they will be removing it to prevent site infection. His fever got to 102 last night. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.He had a slight low grade temp this morning, but nothing huge. They are watching it very closely. I’m not posting a picture tonight, other than some swollen eyelids, he looks pretty much the same. Kind of sleepy. Mommy got a good night sleep last night at the Ronald McDonald House while Dad had hospital duty. Tonight, Daddy went home to be with the girsl and I am here with little Buck by myself. Dad will return I think on Thursday. He has to take care of stuff at home tomorrow. Again, thank you all for your continued prayers! We appreciate ALL of them! The doctor said this morning we MIGHT get to go home on Friday if there are no more fevers and if swelling goes down…but Daddy and I agreed we are not going to get too excited about that yet. It would be great to all be under one roof by Friday night, but thats best case scenerio. Realistically, it will probably be more like Sunday or Monday. I will post again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great night all! Stay warm! BRRRR!!!!


Tonya Thiese - December 10, 2013 - 8:17 pm

Thanks for all the updates!! I hope everything stays good for him and you guys! We are thinking of you guys and pray he continues to get better and better!! Keep informing posting his progressions!

Caralyn - December 10, 2013 - 8:38 pm

Positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery for Peyton!

Sara Peterson - December 10, 2013 - 9:12 pm

We miss Peyton! All of us are thinking healing thoughts for him. We will see him soon!

The kids asked Lynnette if Peyton had a Hawk-I cast or not. The were happy to hear it is spiderman and really hoping to sign it.

The First Graders and Ms. Peterson

Surgery Update

Hello! Frigid greetings from St. Marys in Rochester! Peyton had bilateral osteotomy surgery today, which is basically cutting your thigh bones in half, rotating them so they are growing in towards your hip socket instead of growing out like his were, and plating them in place. Its a pretty major surgery, it took about 6 hours and he took it like a champ! We got to FINALLY see him at about 4:30 this afternoon and were told he lost a bit of blood so he had a blood transfusion. Half way through the blood transfusion, Peyton developed a fever of 101. So, blood transfusion was stopped, blood work was drawn, and IV fluids were started. As of right now as I type this, the fever has started to go down, the blood work isn’t back yet, and they have just started to feed him something for the first time today. It might be his body’s way of telling us that he has just been through enough today the doctor said. He is pretty sleepy, which is expected, he had a pretty major surgery, but he did just wake for a bit and I even got a grin. He is feeling no pain right now, he has an epidural in, they are trying to keep pain at a minimim the next few days to keep his seizures down. When he is in pain, they increase so our goal is to try and manage pain to keep those from sky rocketing. We were hoping for no cast, they told us he could probably heal with just a special pillow, but the doctor said his top femoral bones were just not strong enough so a giant spider man cast it is! (UGH!) We got into the Ronald McDonald House tonight so I will be going there this evening and Dad will be taking bed side duty tonight. Tomorrow night we will switch duties. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and if you sent a guardian angel to watch over our baby! Obviously they all worked and Buck came out like a rockstar like he always does! To Peyton’s first grade class….as soon as he is in spirits we will be reading your wonderful get well book and going through pictures of all his wonderful friends! You made Peyton’s mommy and grandma cry reading that book! What a wonderful bunch of friends he has at school that love him so much! My favorite was the girl that wanted to take him out on a date ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย  I will post another update tomorrow! Thank you thank you thank you for praying for our baby! Keep em’ coming!

Mom and Buck before surgery ย (a phone camera picture of a picture,– they wouldn’t let me use my camera, but they would take pictures with theirs…weird I know)


Finally waking up after surgery! ๐Ÿ™‚ (another phone camera pic)



Rachel + Brad =LOVE!!!!

I had the honor of photographing these two love birds for their engagement session a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful fall morning so we jumped in the car and drove up to the apple orchards at Gays Mills. I had never shot up there before and when I was up there earlier that week I had noticed a sign for an orchard to pick your own apples. The gentleman that owned the orchard was VERY happy to let us in his orchard, not to pick apples, but to shoot some pre-wedding shots. He even let Brad and Rachel use his house to change their outfits (better than behind an apple tree like their original plan was ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks, Rachel and Brad, for the great laughs and letting me be creative and willing to drive all the way up there and not oppose any strange thing I asked you guys to do! This was sooo fun! Here is a few from their session…..

F o l l o w   m e   o n   F a c e b o o k