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Mr. and Mrs. Belser!

I had the pleasure of capturing these two wonderful people on the first day of the rest of their lives together! It was a beautiful May day for a wedding! It was a very intimate ceremony (my favorite) and this family was so wonderful to work with! Congrats to Katie and Marcus!

Deb Rodenberg - July 9, 2013 - 8:43 am

Beautiful Pictures!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them!!


I had the pleasure of attending an After Dark workshop in St. Louis the end of April. This workshop was an awesome way to help you improve your photo skills and improve your business as well. I met hundreds of very talented photographers and mentors and got to spend the week shooting along side them learning new techniques, lighting scenarios and shooting outside my comfort zone. We shot all night, it was so much fun to learn so much! My goal is to improve my business every year, giving my clients fresh photos and doing everything I can to give them a great experience and learn new and improved ways to shoot. With everything I learned and where I want to see myself creatively, I am announcing some changes to my business to make it a better experience for my clients. But first, here is some of what I did while down there…..

We did a kind of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo shoot…….we also learned that a good photographer can light a photo with the open screen of a laptop……Or in the pouring rain……..

So, new changes……

Starting June 1, all sessions on this date or after will include in person ordering sessions verses online. Of course, I do have some clients that live rather far away and online viewing will still be available in special circumstances, but local clients will start to have in person ordering sessions to better customize their photo experience with me. Don’t worry, if you don’t so choose to come to the studio, I will come to you! I will have all the awesome products with me that I offer and I will help you find the photos and sizes that will look amazing on YOUR walls in YOUR home! I want every single one of my clients to feel when they get done with their session that I gave them the best service from the click of my camera to the print on your wall! You invest in me to capture your memories and I want to do that as best I can, in every way. These ordering sessions will be scheduled the day of your session. So I hope, to all my current clients, you enter into this change with an open mind. Its a big change for me also.

Next change. I will no longer be keeping all my past sessions. If you had a session with me and didn’t order any photos within a month of that session, the entire session will be deleted….forever. I only am keeping the photos that were ordered. I spend lots of time and money on not only my business expenses and upkeep, but in continuing education and learning new and fresh ideas for you guys. I am all about going to a location of your choice and doing crazy, creative, fun photos. If you have had me photograph you before, you know ANYTHING goes and I NEVER rush! I take my time to capture your family as it should be! Your session is an investment in your memories, so please make sure you are able to afford my services before you book. If you can’t, watch for my specials throughout the year. I do offer mini sessions twice a year that are discounted so those that can’t afford a whole session are able to get good memories of their families at a discounted rate. I also have give aways and award one senior every year a free session who financially cannot afford it. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I spend a lot of time away from my family to capture memories of yours. There is a great deal of time spent on your photos after the session that you don’t see on editing to make sure they are perfect. Its better that we don’t waste each other’s  time if you know you are not able to afford my services. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. I try to be very accommodating, making payment plans and special arrangements so everyone that wants me to photograph their family can. After all, you expect a paycheck from your job, right?

My next change, which is more of an enforcer of an already in place rule. Retainers need to be placed in order to hold your session date, NO exceptions! Your session fee IS DUE the day of your session. I have a little boy with a very serious illness that requires several trips to the doctor so I have to book my schedule accordingly, if you retainer isn’t paid within 5 days of booking, there is no session on my books.

Lastly, all special products such as cards, canvases, accordion books, albums, storyboards will not be able to be purchased until a $200 print order has been placed. Jump drives will be available for purchase as an ADD ON starting at $150 after a $400 has been placed. These are for regular sessions. Weddings and seniors are different, so please inquire for those. Once again, this all goes into place June 1st.

I hope you all understand why I am changing a bit. This will be a trial run this summer to see if this all works out. I hope I wasn’t too harsh, I am just trying to make this a better experience for all of us and fix some things that were just not working. If you have any questions, I encourage you to email or call me! Have a great week all! Thanks again!


Sweet Baby Boy…..

I know I have said it before, but I absolutely LOVE watching my clients’ families grow! I have been photographing Danielle and Ben since there engagement a few years ago, was there to capture their wedding day, and was sooooo excited when Danielle messaged me to do a gender reveal session when they found out they were expecting their first baby. This is seriously the best part of my job! I am given the privege and honor to capture the most precious milestones in my clients’ life. And for that, I am truly thankful that so many of you entrust me to document these memories!

Meet sweet Owen! This little boy stole my heart the minute I saw him! His cute little perfectly defined features, beautiful skin and that dark mop of hair on his head had me at hello! I loved every minute of cuddling and snuggling this little guy. He was such a wonderful little man for his session and only woke up for mommy to feed him! Total dream! Thanks Danielle and Ben for bringing your precious little Owen in and allowing me to capture some first memories of your beautiful family! I am looking forward to years of watching him grow. Here is a peek into Owen’s session………


                              Owen and his great-grandpa’s tieHe has the most kissable lips…..


Hospital Stay

So we are still up at St. Mary’s. Peyton is going to be getting his third and last infusion this afternoon. The original plan was to get to go home today, but his calcium has dropped since admission and his seizures have increased some so, unfortunuately, we are staying again tonight. Very, Very disappointed! Was soo looking forward to being home! Pending his lab draw in the morning, we should get to go home. This means I will NOT be back to answer calls Thursday. It will be at least Friday before I am able to return calls. I am trying to keep up with emails as best I can up here.  I am officially home sick with a back ache from the comfortable parent cot I get to sleep in next to his bed. Thank goodness for Skype, we are able to skype home and talk to sister! Peyton enjoyed this last night getting to see big sister Haley! Peyton is having slight back pain, which is common with these infusions. Tylenol is helping. This is also helping keep fever away, which is also a common side effect of these infusions.

Here was the initial getting IV to start infusions Monday. He is such a trooper! Smile and all! Everyone loved his jammies! (Thanks Aunt Stacey)!

The Gregerson’s sent him a balloon and monkey to look at while up here! Thank you! Its boring up here!!!Yes, I am THAT mom! What we look like when we go for a walk outside our room. I am terrified of picking up the flu!I lost my tooth on Tuesday! SEEEEE!!!!Extremely bored so Mommy put on some tunes for me! I LOVE music!Good spirits!

Marcy Hoffman - January 16, 2013 - 12:34 pm

Thea, I am thinking of you and praying for your little man! I look at his pictures and just get tears in my eyes! He is SUCH A TROOPER!!!!! Hang in there little momma!

F o l l o w   m e   o n   F a c e b o o k